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By Degrees
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Luke Madams hates talking about himself in the third person. He said he knows you know he wrote this himself, so he told me to tell you the rest of it will be in first person.
The first thing to say about my music is that you will definitely like it. My interests are broad, and as a fan of music I never publish anything that I myself would not want to listen to. I work under the assumption that your attention is finite, valuable, and retractable at any time, and expend great effort to ensure that my work is concise and interesting from the outset.

Past comments on my work, gleaned usually by loitering near audience members, have included, ‘it’s very dramatic’, ‘that was weird’, and, ‘that one was my favourite’. But don’t take their word for it—my master’s degree in composition (distinction) gained from Goldsmiths, University of London, is testament to the quality of my work. I like to go big, and deploy all means at my disposal to extract emotional reactions from listeners.

Though primarily a pianist, my compositions span a range of instrumentations and mediums. I currently write mainly for piano, though my past works have been performed by the Maggini Quartet, Ensemble L’imaginaire, Luis Tabeunca, and Martin Outram. My mentors throughout my time as a student composer have included Dr Lauren Redhead, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Panos Ghikas, Dr Stamatia Statherou, professors Keith Potter and Roger Redgate, and Paul Clark of the Clod Ensemble. I've attended rehearsals with the LSO and the London Sinfonietta and used the opportunities to make connections and gain feedback on my work. I also sometimes play with Gary Crosby OBE and Tomorrow's Warriors at the Southbank Centre because I'm cool af.


I'm based in Canterbury, Kent. You can reach me using the form on the contact page.

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